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Inventing Solutions

Allow me to assume two things:
1. A way to get paid doing what you love
2. Earning passive income

So the question is, "how?":

1. Clear your desk aside from a peice of paper and a notepad.
2. Ask yourself, "What are the most important problems in your field?".
3. Write down the problems
4. Identify one which you would love to solve, one problem you would be proud to solve.
5. Figure out how to go about it and just do it.

If it can be fixed using an online website, check out and learn how to create a website. If you need to learn other skills, try signing up for courses at your local community college. Learn the ways and then invest.

When you create your own unique solutions to problems you can relate to, the end result will bring you towards achieving your business dreams.

So I ask:
1. What are the most important problems in your field?
2. Are you working on one of them?
3. Why not?

College Class Tips

Aim to achieve a depth not breadth for courses!

To stand out, pick classes based on:
1. Reputation of the professor
2. Reputation of the course
3. intrinsic interest
4. level of difficulty for ballance
5. graduation requirements
6. time slot

When establishing relationships with your professors consider this question:
Do you feel like you know me well enough to write a strong letter?


Reseller Hosting

Today I purchased my own reseller hosting account.

I was kind of pushed into this after an old fantastic partnership that allowed me to have my sites up had to be adjusted. But now I can host and sell websites without feeling guilty. The cost was expensive but I was sure to do as much as I could to my advantage:

1. I shopped around until I found the perfect web host for me.
2. I made sure I had long term clients that would help me pay for the hosting. One client payed up front.
3. I used promotional coupons to save 20% off my purchase. Hundreds of dollars.

But my work is not done. I have to work very hard to get as much profit as I can but now I am motivated to find hosting clients, motivated by the cost. But also motivated by the prospect of having additional passive income.

For many websites, hosting is like an infrastructure costs. This falls under a form of rent and rent is one of the ways of establishing passive income, like interest. So my suggestion to anyone that knows their way around the world wide web and finds themselves often helping others with making a website, look into reseller hosting and see if you can sell your infrastructure to those you help.

How to treat money

Think of all the money you get as a gift, you find left over after a big expenditure. All the money you work for, all the money you safe for. No matter the origin and no matter the amount, in order to spend wisely you must think of it as if you worked hard and earned each and every dime.

Consider this:
1. What would an accountant tell you to do?
2. Are you being wise with your dollars?
3. Are you allowing your dollar to be a powerful commodity?


An Opportunity to Return the Favor

I try to give you guys information about all the scholarships I find out about and give you direct access rather than a link to a page filled with ads that has the actual content hidden in clutter.

Now I ask for a tiny thing in return.
Just two simple clicks.
One simple vote.

Check out a photo I submitted here, and please vote if you like it.

Many thanks!